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About Oak View Park and Resource Center

The Oak View Park and Resource Center is a 4.27-acre space in the heart of Oak View with many services for all ages. There are numerous buildings that house a County Library and various tenants and a large enough green space that includes a variety of playground equipment, youth sports fields, and a park.  

We have 2 multipurpose rooms with a capacity of 20-250 people that are available to rent for fundraisers, performances, private parties, and group seminars. Attached to our auditorium is a beautifully remodeled community kitchen which can also be rented for cooking classes, catering, and events.

What we believe in...

Mission Statement
The Park and Resource Center was founded by a community partnership that is committed to maintaining a high standard of service, resources, and recreation. Our goal is to preserve a safe environment for citizens young and old to reach out to each other through education, recreation, the arts, and access to public services for generations to come. It is the belief of this board, that this project will best serve the community by pursuing a balanced commitment to increase sustainability consciousness, environmental, economic, and social equitability.

Vision Statement
The Park and Resource Center at the former Oak View Elementary School site is a central facility for the use of the residents in the surrounding communities. This Center may include facilities such as a public library, daycare/preschool, meeting rooms, resource office, and sports/park complex. It has been developed and designed by a community partnership comprised of representatives from the residential areas that pay an annual assessment to the County for the expense and maintenance of the Center, as well as representatives from other key community organizations. The Center is designed to provide a safe environment and preserve open space where neighbors can reach out to one another through education, wellness, and community spirit. In turn, we citizens will help and encourage our youth to continue this path of good stewardship, and citizenship with each generation.

Sustainability Vision Statement
Building upon the original architectural design which established a state of the art facility that was ahead of its time, the Center should become a model of modern sustainability practices by incorporating concepts of the Sustainability Management Principles. Not only will this commitment enhance the appeal and ensure the long term economic independence of the site, it may also serve as a source of education, information, and demonstration of sustainability practices for Ventura County and surrounding areas


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